How to open Facebook in laptop?

open Facebook

Open Facebook on your laptop through the simple steps. You can use a desktop application and web browser to sign in on Facebook account. The procedure of opening face on a laptop is the same for both desktop applications and browsers. In this article, we tell you about how you can open a Facebook account … Read more

How To Connect A Laptop To Wifi

How To Connect A Laptop To Wifi

In this modern era, every laptop and electronic developer company provides WiFi features in laptops. A built-in wifi wireless card allows the laptop to connect with the network. Through the Wi-Fi function, you can connect with the network with no wired connection. You can connect with any electronic device like a printer and any other … Read more

How to screenshot on laptop or computer

How to screenshot on laptop

There are various ways to take a screenshot on your Hp laptop or computer. Your laptop or computer may differ, but the following method will work for all of them. This is a list of the most convenient ways out of there. The easiest way to take the screenshot is to print the screen key … Read more

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