How to Backup LAPTOP – Keep Safe Your Complete Data (Full Guide)

Every person knows the importance of personal and essential data and files. That’s why their security is also necessary. So taking regular backup of the laptop is very important to protect the stored data. It will be beneficial for us if we lose the data by mistakes on the laptop. After reading this article, you could set up backup easily in simple ways.


Portable or external hard drive

You can take back up of laptop using the portable drive. It’s a commonly used form of backup.

You can connect it with a system or notebook. Most people use this method of backup. For this, you connect the external hard drive with your laptop with a data cable. After connecting with the laptop, you can copy and paste essential data to the drive.

A simple way to access the built-in backup

  • Click on the start button
  • Go to Update & Security
  • Click on backup on the left side of the screen
  • You can customize the location via configure File History if you require changing or adding a new place.

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You can select the target location for your file history backup

  • Click on Add a drive
  • After a quick search, a menu opened
  • the list of attached existing drives to select
  • Select the target location, drive, or folder where you want backup files

Select the internal folder to backup files

  • Choose File history turned on
  • You can also change the hourly backup setting
  • You can also add a new folder by clicking on the plus sign
  • You can add a folder option under “Back up these folders.”

You can Restore saved files from backup

Open Backup and Restore

First method:

  • You can restore file through open Window File Explorer and navigate to the target folder location where the files you want to restore is located.

Second method:

  • Click on History, the top side of the Home Tab
  • launch the file history recovery wizard
  • select the file directly
  • right-click on file
  • after showing the drop-down menu, click on the previous version.

You can navigate the backup settings where you initially turned on File History

  • After that, you can see “Restore files from a current backup.”
  • Same File History recovery wizard launched.
  • It will show all places that were backed up.

Choose the file and folder which you want to restore

  • File recovery wizard is open
  • you can select and restore the target file or folder

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How to backup and restore?

How to backup a laptop simply. You can backup and restore your laptop via the following step method.

  1. Click on the Start button
  2. Select the control panel
  3. Go to System and maintenance
  4. Click on Backup and restore
  5. Click on Set Backup
  6. If you want to take a scheduled backup, you can wait for regular backup, and you can also create a new backup manually by selecting Set Backup.
  7. You can also take a new full backup rather than update the old backup.


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