How To Connect A Laptop To Wifi

In this modern era, every laptop and electronic developer company provides WiFi features in laptops. A built-in wifi wireless card allows the laptop to connect with the network. Through the Wi-Fi function, you can connect with the network with no wired connection. You can connect with any electronic device like a printer and any other machine through WiFi with a laptop.


If you have a hp laptop, you can connect the hp laptop with WiFi to use the internet. Through Wi-Fi, you can get Wi-Fi access. In this article, we tell you about How to connect a hp laptop to WiFi.

Anyone can connect the hp laptop with Wi-Fi easily by following some simple steps and build a connection.


Turn on the wifi button located on the top right side front area of the laptop.

Amber-colored wifi button light approximately equivalent to the yellow light shows that laptop wifi is off. The white/blue light shows that the wifi is on.


After turning it on, click the wifi icon present on the window taskbar. The wifi icon is present on the right side of the taskbar.

A box will open on that area that shows the current connection status.

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It will detect the wireless connection automatically that are in range. You can click on the wifi connection. By typing a wireless connection password, you can connect with the wireless network.

Click on the connect button, and you should type a correct password to connect with the hp laptop. The laptop will automatically connect to the wireless network.


Finally, you can open the google chrome browser and check the internet connection. If Google shows you the required result, it means the connection is successful.

Wifi connected but no internet

If wifi is connected, but it has no internet, check the internet connection to connect with any other device. If the internet works on another device, the problem may be in the adapter or a laptop. Check both devices to restart one by one. So the best way to detect a problem with the internet is to restart the device.

Why my laptop is not connecting to wifi?

Sometimes the laptop not connecting to Wi-Fi because of the Wi-Fi adapter. So you should enable the adapter. You can check it on ‘Network connection’ in the control panel.

You can fix it on the laptop via a simple step method.

  • Restart the laptop or adapter
  • Reset the wifi adapter
  • update the setting and change the password
  • during this, disable the antivirus
  • after applying these steps, you can recheck the internet connection.

How to install a WiFi adapter on your Computer or Laptop?

In today’s society, it is important to have WiFi in your home or office. How to install a WiFi adapter on your computer or laptop.
To begin with, open up the Windows start menu and type “Device Manager” into the search bar at the bottom of the window. Once Device Manager has popped up, go ahead and click on it to open it up. Now that Device manager is open, click on Network Adapters which should be near the top of the list though sometimes they are at the bottom. Finally scroll down until you find your wifi card (usually labeled as Wireless Network) and right-click on it! That’s all there is to installing a wireless network card!

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