How to connect Bluetooth headphones to your computer?

Bluetooth headphone is a device that connects to the smartphone of users, stereo, music player, and computer. Bluetooth headphones are used for listing the music. Bluetooth headphones include a microphone and function as a headset for mobile phones. Bluetooth headphones do not have the wire to connect to any device. Bluetooth connects any device with Bluetooth.
The primary purpose of Bluetooth headphones is to listen to music. The feature of Bluetooth headphones is that you can speak and hear through an earpiece without holding the headphone. Bluetooth headphones connect via specialized types of wireless networks to your smartphone or computer.


Before starting the connecting Bluetooth headphone

1. first, ensure the sound level of your computer is acceptable. If your computer’s sound level is low or set on mute, you may face the problem of listing through your headphone even after you have been connected with Bluetooth.
2. ensure your Bluetooth headphones and your computer are under three feet from one another. The Bluetooth connection range is limited. When the closer the two deceive, the stronger the Bluetooth connection. It is easier for you to pair them.
3. make sure that two devices are charged. Bluetooth works properly. Two devices don’t need to be fully charged but ensure that batteries are not low.
4. make sure that your computer or PC supports Bluetooth. Check the Bluetooth driver.
if your computers do not have a Bluetooth device, do not worry, but your computer needs to add external hardware like

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• Bluetooth dongle

• Bluetooth card

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to your PC

these are the steps of connecting the Bluetooth headphones.

1, first, you hold the headphone and press the headphones’ power button until the light on the headphones starts to blink.
It will help if you put your headphone in Bluetooth pairing mode.

2. search the Bluetooth icon on the taskbar located in the bottom right corner of the screen of the computer or laptop screen if you do not see the Bluetooth icon. Click the arrow, then open the Bluetooth logo.

3. you can effortlessly search out the Bluetooth icon. You Go to the setting of the start menu on your computer .you can search out the setting app by typing ‘setting’ in the start menu.

4. you can see the device section, then click ‘device.’

5. when you click on the device, select the ”Bluetooth & other devices” section.

6. you can see the Bluetooth section. Click the button, so it is turned on, and it turned into blue in color.

7. click ”add Bluetooth or another device”. After that, you add a device window then click the ”Bluetooth”.

8. place the Bluetooth headphone near the computer in Bluetooth pairing mode.

9. after a few seconds waits, the headphone name appears on the computer. Click on it then the headphones are paired with the computer.

10. when the Bluetooth connection is completed, you can see the notification of connected headphones
These easiest steps can help to connect the headphone and also enjoy the headphone’s music.







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