How to Remove Stickers from a Laptop

When we want to adorn anything, stickers are excellent, and many devices, such as laptops, now come with stickers already applied by the manufacturer. While most computers, such as the Apple MacBook, include this feature, removing it leaves a sticky residue that is virtually impossible to remove. When you know what products eat through sticker glue, you can figure out how to remove sticker residue from a laptop.


There are various safe substances and treatments to use to remove sticker residue from a laptop. While the majority are kept in people’s homes, there are additional goods on the market that operate just as well. We promise that after reading this article, you’ll be able to remove sticky tape residue from a laptop no matter which adhesive-removal method you choose.

Remove the sticker 

If the laptop is new and the sticker is new as well, you should be able to peel it off very easily. You may attempt to carefully remove it with a razor blade, but if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, I wouldn’t risk it because damaging the surface of your laptop could cause more harm than good. A safe men’s or women’s razor, a credit card, or a piece of specialist sticker removal equipment can be used instead. Apple really suggests removing stickers using non-abrasive techniques and materials.

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Step 2: Get an Adhesive Cleaner tube and a lint-free cloth or rag

You won’t be through with your task until you remove the stickers; you’ll need to wipe the residue off your laptop. To begin, take a bottle of adhesive cleaner (Goo Gone is our recommendation) and apply it to a microfiber cloth. It’s also possible that rubbing alcohol will help, although this isn’t always the case. Start cleaning around the area where you removed the sticker with the lint-free cloth slightly wet with Goo Gone. Wait 5-10 minutes; the adhesive cleaner may take some time to complete its task. If you don’t have an adhesive remover on hand, use the following link to order one.

Step 3: Wipe off the laptop’s surface using a moist towel

The next step is to clean up the adhesive cleaner and any leftover sticky residue from your laptop using a moist towel. Keep your hands away from the keyboard. If the residue persists, repeat Steps 2 and 3 as needed until your laptop is completely clean and sticker residue-free. If the sticker still won’t come off without leaving a sticky residue, wipe the excess Goo Gone away with a paper towel.

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How to remove sticky residue from stickers on a laptop?

Here are some tools/products you may use if you have previously removed the stickers and are seeking a means to get rid of the residue on your laptop.

WD-40: I’m sure you’ve heard of WD-40. It is, in essence, a gift from God to us.

It has the ability to lubricate or remove anything, including adhesive residue.

Olive oil, vegetable oil, tea tree oil, margarine/butter, moisturizer, baby oil, and other oil-based compounds can help dissolve adhesives.

Removes nail polish

Alcohol rubbing (make sure not to spill any on your keyboard)


Adhesive Remover Gone

Water can help in certain cases, but not always.

Eraser for pencils

Sticker residue from a laptop can be removed with dish soap

Dish soap with grease-fighting properties can be used to remove sticker glue from a laptop or as an automobile adhesive remover. Stickers that have been removed lately and haven’t been left to sit for lengthy periods of time should be cleaned with dish soap. To avoid leaking, soak a clean towel in hot water and wring away the excess. In a moist cloth, squeeze a small amount of grease-fighting soap. Scrub the adhesive residue with the soapy cloth until it comes off. Use a paper towel to dry the damp area.

Sticker Adhesive Paste (Homemade)

When nothing appears to work to remove the glue that has been sitting for years, it can be frustrating. When this happens, one of the most durable choices is to make your own adhesive removal paste. This paste simply takes a minute to produce and is quite effective against sticker adhesive.

  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Water

Mix baking soda with tiny amounts of water until thick paste forms, then add a dash of vinegar. Allow the adhesive remover paste to dry before applying it to the chosen area. When the paste is dry, wet a cloth with hot, soapy water and scrape it away until it all lifts into the rag and no residue remains.

Sticker residue can be removed using oil

When learning how to remove sticker residue from a laptop or remove super glue from plastic surfaces, oils are terrifical. Almost all oils can be used with this method, including olive oil, vegetable oil, tea tree oil, and baby oil. Allow 10 minutes for a little dab of oil to rest on the sticky region. Begin rubbing away the residue with a clean cloth until all of the stickiness has been lifted into the fabric.

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