How to screenshot on laptop or computer

There are various ways to take a screenshot on your Hp laptop or computer. Your laptop or computer may differ, but the following method will work for all of them. This is a list of the most convenient ways out of there. The easiest way to take the screenshot is to print the screen key on your Hp laptop keyboard. The HP laptop usually labels this key ”prtsc” on the keyboard, which is present on top of the key. Mostly you find the print screen key beside the delete key on the hp laptop keyboard.


Screenshot on Hp laptop with default prtSc key

Hp laptop or computer run the window or chrome operating system, which means that you can snap the screenshot with the help of pressing the keyboard key. Generally screenshot key is present at the top of the key of the keyboard. The print screen key is indicated as Prtcn, or PrtSc.this button helps you capture the laptop’s screen. When you press this key, then save the screenshot on your laptop.

These are the step that you follow.

  1. Firstly, you press the window key and print the screen simultaneously to capture the whole screen of the laptop. Your laptop screen will dim at that dime, that then screenshots are successfully done.
  2. After the screenshot, open the image on editing software like Photoshop or Microsoft Paint.
  3. open the new picture and also press the CTRL+V to paste the screenshot image.
  4. save the new file as JPG or PNG.

You can use the keyboard combination to ca[pture the screenshot on your Hp laptop

Window key +PrtScn

Window + Ctrl + PrtScn

Window key + Fn + PrtScn

Screenshot on Hp laptop with Snipping Tool

the Snipping tool is an excellent feature in a laptop that enables you to take the screenshot image of your laptop screen and then save and share the images. Snipping tool that allows you to select any size of your screen and capture the screenshot.

  1. Firstly, go to start many and search the snipping tool and click the snipping tool.
  2. inside the snipping tool, press the New or CTRL + N to cut.
  3. using the crosshair cursor and drag the cursor t make the rectangular outline of the required area.
  4. within the snipping tool, press the icon to save the screenshot image as a PNG or JPEG file.

The snipping tool has three other perks that help capture your screen and cut in three different ways.

  1. Free form snip that allows you to capture the laptop’s screen in any form and structure that you are required.
  2. Window snip allows you to take a screenshot of your active window with a simple snap.
  3. Full-screen snip that captures the whole screen of the laptop. This is used for dual monitor display. This option enables them to capture both screenshots at the same time.

You can save the image by pressing Ctrl + S.

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