Does increasing RAM increase laptop speed?

laptop Ram

Is increasing RAM on your laptop the secret to faster speeds? Well, not really. The best thing you can do for your computer’s speed is to update the operating system and remove any unwanted programs that might be bogging it down. For example, increasing RAM will help with video editing or rendering software like Adobe … Read more

How To Reset Password On Laptop?

Forget Password

In that case, you need to ask yourself, “what do I do if I forget my laptop password?” before proceeding so that you have an idea of what to do in case it happens. If a person forgets the password to their laptop, they might contact customer service or obtain computer repair services. They might … Read more

How to find out what battery my laptop needs?

laptop battery

As with all rechargeable batteries, Laptop batteries also gradually lose charge with time. Therefore, it will eventually be necessary to replace them. However, it frequently requires a long time for them to arrive at this state. On the off chance that your battery has arrived at this level, you can check what type of battery … Read more

How To Clean My Laptop To Make It Faster

How To Clean Laptop

There are a few things that you can do to make your laptop run faster. The first step is to remove any unnecessary programs from the startup menu and clear out any unused files in the computer’s storage. You should also restart your laptop periodically to release memory that has been used up by running … Read more

How To Disable Antivirus On Laptop

Disable Antivirus

Some antivirus programs can be entirely disabled by going to the settings and unchecking it under security, but if not you will need to uninstall. To completely remove it from your laptop, go through the control panel and look for “add or remove a program”. Permanently Disable Antivirus Tips Find the antivirus program on your … Read more

How to keep a Gaming Laptop Cool?

Laptop Cool

A laptop is a great device to use for gaming, but there are some things you should know about how to keep it cool.  From the processor to the GPU, your computer component will be running at very high temperatures while playing games. This can cause major damage to your laptop if left unchecked. Below … Read more

How to install windows 7 on asus laptop?

Asus laptop

It’s difficult to install Windows 7 on an Asus laptop because of its recovery partition. I recommend that you go into the BIOS and change the boot order so that it boots off of USB rather than HDD first. I found this YouTube video tutorial which may be helpful for your situation. Locate the CD/DVD … Read more

How To Charge Your Laptop In The Car?

Car laptop

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to charge your laptop on the go, there are a few things you need to know.  First, it is important to note that some car chargers do not provide enough power for laptops and can cause them to shut down before they have been fully … Read more

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