10 Best Recommended Laptop Features For College Students

For college, what kind of laptop do you require? Would you like a computer that is both functional and stylish? Then, this is the place for you. Laptops have become a standard school supply for college students. Using our research finding the best laptops for college students, we can help you find a great new laptop. Whether you’re attending school in person or online, we’ll help you.


It is stressful enough to prepare for college without having to choose which laptop to buy. Nowadays, most colleges require a computer, so you should choose a laptop that meets the correct specifications. Colleges usually tell you what specifications the allowed laptops must meet. Still, we went a step further with this article and selected laptops that not only meet the requirements of colleges but generally surpass them as well.

Given that most college students need mobile devices, we’re giving you recommendations for only laptops. If you need more computing power in your dorm, you can undoubtedly get a desktop. Our best laptops for college students guide focuses on lightweight laptop options for students who often travel to classes. However, anyone is welcome to read our guide.

How do you choose an outstanding laptop for college students?

Most students spend almost seventy-five percent of their time using technology, so you should feel comfortable using your laptop. Here are some great features we recommend if you plan to use your computer primarily for college courses.

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Recommended laptop features for college students

Storage: A minimum of 250GB is recommended these days. An SSD drive upgrade may be a good idea if you travel a lot.

Webcam: Historically, unless you wanted to Skype with your mom, webcams were not so important. Nowadays, all virtual classes require a webcam.

Battery Life: Currently, most laptops offer extended battery life. However, it’s best to look for one with a battery life of at least 4 hours. The battery life is significant if you intend to bring it to class. Unfortunately, many classrooms, especially older ones, do not have enough outlets.

Keyboard: A keyboard’s most important feature is its comfort. Clicking is a personal preference, so you may need to try a few to find the one that makes typing easy for you. To use your laptop while your roommate is sleeping, we highly recommend getting a backlit keyboard.

Weight: You’re likely going to carry your laptop from class to class, so pick something lightweight (less than 4lbs) to minimize strain on your back.

Touchscreen/Writing Tablet: Instead of writing with a pen and paper, a writing pad or touchscreen may be more convenient if you plan to take many handwritten notes. Touchscreens are required by some schools, especially those that offer art and engineering programs.

RAM: You should buy at least 4GB, but ideally 8GB or more.

Software: Your school may require you to purchase Windows or Mac OSX.

Processor: Nowadays, you should get an Intel i5 processor or higher.

Graphics: Being discrete is preferable but not necessary.

For your new laptop, make sure you get a backpack and accessories!

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Do college students need 256GB of storage?

The 256GB is plenty for Windows, a few programs, documents, and a few gigabytes of photos. Windows plus office and a few programs take up 45–55 GB, leaving nearly 200 GB available.

A 64GB laptop is enough for students?

The current recommendation is 64GB of RAM, but going higher would be great too! Generally speaking, the higher the number, the better and faster; however, be sure to read the requirements of each software you intend to use. It is recommended that you use 64 GB of SSD or 128 GB of SSD.

How much maximum storage do you recommend for a laptop?

1TB of storage space is sufficient if you primarily store text files and photos. You should, however, reserve at least 2TB of storage space on your laptop if you intend to keep a lot of movies, games, and other large files on your PC. This way, you may go for a while without having to worry about your laptop filling up.

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What size laptop should a college student have?

For most college students, a 13-inch screen is an ideal size. Not only for obvious reasons but also since it impacts the total size and weight of the laptop, the screen size is significant to consider. Anything greater than 15.6 inches won’t fit inside a backpack easily (or at all).


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