Which type of RAM is faster? You need to know

Random-access memory Plays an essential role in PC performance. Computer experts examine the kind of RAM equally if no longer more, vital than the amount. To recognize which RAM performs the best, you have to take a shut seem at the components that differentiate one kind of RAM from the next.

What is RAM?

RAM IS also Called Random access memory. The information stored in this type of memory is lost Unfortunately when the power is switched off. This information can be checked with the help of BIOS. It is Called main memory, temporary memory, or volatile memory of the System.


RAM kind has to do with format standards. The modern-day memory kind used in modern computing device computer systems is referred to as the “double records  rate.” Not all DDR RAM is equal, and the RAM standard is presently on its third and fourth important revision. Those searching to get the fastest-performing RAM to buy DDR4 RAM and a well-matched motherboard.

Memory Speed

Not all DDR3 memory is the same, however. In addition to being bought in one-of-a-kind capacities, memory additionally comes at distinct speeds. The speed is the clock rate at which the memory communicates with the CPU over the front aspect bus. Higher FSB and memory speeds result in higher performance. The highest-performing DDR3 and DDR4 memory accessible to customers presently can switch over 12GB of statistics per second at its top rate.

CAS Latency

One greater characteristic of high-performing memory is its CAS latency or timing. CAS latency is the quantity of delay between the time a CPU makes a request from the RAM to the time that request is usable with the aid of the CPU. CAS latency is measured in pulses, and the person’s pulses equate to nanoseconds, however, the nanoseconds shortly add up as a laptop makes trillions of requests. As a prevalent rule, decrease CAS numbers equate to higher-performing RAM. CAS latency relates greater to the capacity of memory to work better with an overclocked CPU and hardly ever has a considerable effect on everyday laptop usage.

Which RAM kind is fastest?


Each era of RAM improves on the preceding one, bringing quicker speeds and extra bandwidth to the table. The fastest RAM in the context of domestic computing is without difficulty DDR4.

Why is static memory faster?

Static RAM makes use of totally extraordinary technology. In static RAM, the shape of a flip-flop holds every bit of memory. A flip-flop for a memory cell takes four or six transistors along with some wiring, however, no way has to be refreshed. This makes static RAM substantially quicker than dynamic RAM.

 Is 4GB DDR4 RAM good?

In general, we endorse at least 4GB of RAM and assume that most customers will do well with 8GB. Choose 16GB or greater if you are a power user, if you run modern most demanding video games and applications, or if you truly choose to make sure you are protected for any future needs.

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