6 Reason Why Your Laptop Is Slow?4 Tips for making your Laptop FAST

It’s a most common issue in this modern era. Mostly HP laptops slow down with time. There could be some reason for the slowdown behind the laptop’s poor performance. There are many reasons the laptop is so slow, including:

  • Malware/Ransomware virus attack
  • Low storage space
  • Too much software installed
  • any hardware/software issue
  • Use of Heavy software
  • software running at once

It seems perfect for you when you get a new laptop because there is no stored data and no installed software. So the HP laptop can’t hand and freezes; it works with no lag.

HP Laptop Hardware

The physical part of the laptop could cause the low performance of the hp laptop. Inside and outside part of laptop which you can touch physically like:

  • Motherboard
  • Harddrive
  • RAM, ROM
  • Video graphics card
  • Screen
  • Mouse
  • Power connector

It means your laptop equipment problem may cause causalities of poor performance of the laptop.

Are Low Profile graphics cards the worst?

Low-profile GPUs commonly show poor performance. It affects the performance of a laptop and will overheat the laptop because it consumes more power than the other part of a laptop. A high-quality GPU can give you more accurate results and outstanding performance.

 HP Laptop Software

Software is the set of instructions that gives an interface to the user to connect with the laptop. Software is the central part of a laptop to run hardware. So any problem in software can cause the failure of the software execution.

Anti-virus problem

If the Hp laptop has virus protection software installed, it may become slow down your laptop. Because the software always runs in the background, the hp laptop can be so slow.

Stored temporary data

If your laptop has less space to store data in the primary and secondary storage devices, your laptop becomes slow. The laptop store the Most frequently used data in cache memory. So you need to clean the cache to boost up laptop performance.

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Update window

When you install Windows on a laptop, mostly It shows a notification of an update. If you permit an update, then the up-gradation of features and functions runs in the background. So it will slow down your hp laptop because it uses the CPU.

Use laptop with proper behavior

You need to take care of a few essential things when you are using a laptop. Please don’t use a laptop in bed because it’s harmful to both the laptop and yourself. Use software once at a time, don’t open files and software simultaneously. Because the execution of heavy software and games also makes the performance of laptops slow.

How can I make my HP laptop run faster?

If your computer seems slow all the time, most likely the problem is that its startup programs are stealing performance from your software. All HP laptops have a Startup Manager in Control Panel that will help you identify what is slowing down your laptop. Find it by following these simple steps:
1) Open Settings, choose All Settings, click on Personalize(in Windows 8.1), or Personalization or Adjust desktop icons in Windows 7/8 slide to view options for “Colors” and right-click on “Anyway”. Choose one color if not already present to assign a start-up screen shortcut.
2) Go back to Desktop Screen Saver(Windows 8)/Screen Saver Options (Windows 7)/Display Properties→

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